Sense8: It’s official, the series will be entitled to a sequel!

Cinema 30 June, 2017

Good news ! Netflix or Netflix, or the strength of the fans, Sense8 will be entitled to a suite to close the plot.
The news went around the canvas last night and Sense8 fans were delighted all over the world – including us. After a brutal and unexpected cancellation, Netflix conceded a special 2h episode to the fans and to the whole team in the series to find out what is happening to Wolfgang but especially to have a good ending . The co-creator of the series Lana Wachowski announced it in a touching letter via Twitter announcing its release for next year. We admit to you that after the bad buzz – but buzz nevertheless – caused by the cancellatio.
Indeed after being considered for the great villains of history by privileging their subscriptions to an original and acclaimed series, Netflix returns in hero by offering the long-awaited film and is thanked by the fans when they had just canceled a Of their favorite series. Whether it is thanks to the fans or to restore their image, the result is the same and we are already looking forward to seeing how the series will end . Now that almost all the sensates are in London and hold Whispers, an assault against BPO might be possible. Besides, we also hope to see the marriage of Nomi and Amanita who could close the episode and the series in a very nice way. In short, many things to say in only 2h of special episode of Sense8 , We are eager to see the result. What do you think ?