Sense8 season 2: A final episode would be in preparation!

Cinema 28 June, 2017

Hope is not lost and a film about the end of Sense8 could see the light of day … We tell you everything!
The story of the sensates is not over and while several actors Sense8 have engaged in the cancellation of the series by Netflix, new twists give us a little hope. Indeed after the rather brutal cancellation of the series of sisters Wachowski, many fans were mobilized to make known their dissatisfaction. In addition to the disappearance of an original series and bearer of love, it is also a frustrating end that they had to overcome. Indeed in season finale of season 2, almost all the sensates are found “in real” in London, ready to fight BPO and with a serious advantage since they have captured Whispers . The cancellation of the series has cut short all this intrigue and a film to close the ” History has been evoked several times. Well rejoice since it would seem that this idea is not so illusory as that …
During a music festival in the United States, a fan had the chance to come across Lana Wachowski in person and thank her for the series. She recounted her meeting on Reddit to explain that Lana Wachowski told him that the whole team was fighting to get a 2-hour movie in order to be able to give Sense a real end. His exact words would have been: “The only hope is a two-hour film . ” Moreover the director also thanked the fans for having responded so strongly to the cancellation of the series . What should be remembered of this meeting is that all hope is not lost and that we must continue to be heard on the social networks since it could well end up walking. While waiting for news, we had already listed you what we wanted to see in season 3 of Sense8 . What do you think ?