Seth Gueko and Kaaris: C’est Pas Pareil, the long awaited feat finally unveiled

Entertainment 28 January, 2017

After teasing him for long weeks, Seth Gueko and Kaaris have just unveiled their featuring. Find out now.
In the month of November, Seth Gueko unveiled its new album, Barlou . And so, a year after his latest Professor Punchline , the rapper now exiled in Thailand was back. Fitter than ever, Seth Guex ‘ it delivers 15 new pieces of quality, where you find happy if his atypical style. These securities may especially find “This is not the same ‘ , a song that he decided to do a remix. And for once, he did not invite anyone, since it is Kaaris (Booba again recently tackled) who came to lend a hand. A collaboration that we let you discover below.
For those who had already heard the song, the verses and the chorus of Seth Gueko you will no doubt familiar, since it is exactly the same that was in the basic album. Only the couplet Kaaris (which is preceded by Jul ranking of best-selling albums) is new. Why does not this title appear on the album? Problem of timing? Poor timing of schedules? A purely artistic choice on the part of Seth Guex? No matter: the main thing is to finally enjoy this collaboration between two of the best punchlineurs of the moment. We are now waiting for a clip. What do you think of this remix of It’s not the same in feat with Kaaris?