Several cases of tuberculosis identified in France : what you need to know

Health 20 January, 2018


Published the 20.01.2018 at 15: 10


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Has Smarves and Châtelleraudais, in Vienna, the parents do décolèrent not. Since the death in April 2017, a schoolboy of 5 years infected with tb, and screening for positive of one of his teachers, the atmosphere is explosive. “I’m angry because it’s been nine months that this case drags… “, is outraged a mom at a meeting organized by the regional Agency of health (ARS), New Aquitaine in the hall of Smarves, on Friday night. “Your screens, this is 30 kids here or there. You are playing with the lives of our children” ; “Why you have not brought a truck to screen everyone ?” ; “And it never came to the idea of putting the school under quarantine ? “have pestered the parents according to The New Republic.

If the residents of these two communes are put together, it is that new cases have recently been confirmed : three latent infections that are not contagious and pulmonary tuberculosis in a schoolboy. Two other cases are pending further examinations. According to the daily, eight cases of pulmonary tb (including seven children) and seventeen latent infections, mainly involving adults, have been recorded in 9 months.