Severine Ferrer, proud mom: Joshua and Milo played with great actresses

Entertainment 5 December, 2016

Now a family passion …
info-severine-ferrer-maman-pour-laNext week, Saturday, December 10, we will find Severine Ferrer in a number Reportage on TF1 . The actress and host of 39 years will speak about his new profession of children’s mannequins hunter. Meanwhile this broadcast, the mother of Joshua (16 years), Milo (9 years) and more recently Elijah (3 months) has agreed to tell us more about his own children who already walk in his footsteps.
Indeed, very proud of her son seniors who have always followed when it was happening on stage (Severine Ferrer starred in The Vagina Monologues but also I do not want to die stupid Georges Wolinski), the former -star of Fanon M6 did not try to dissuade them from becoming actors in turn. ” I have taken with me a lot when I played, I had to contaminate. Milo played especially in the TV movie after me happiness with Alexandra Lamy and Talent of my friends Alex Lutz. Joshua turned in Lou ! [with Ludivine Sagnier ] and Mom is wrong [with Emilie Dequenne ] including “said she explained to our colleagues Tele Star .
About the little Elijah, Severine Ferrer made no secret that she learned she was pregnant after signing a contract to occur through France with the play Just Married with Didier Gustin. Fortunately, being born into a family together, the small end is not too much to suffer the absences of his mother. ” I’m lucky, I am surrounded by my husband, Frédéric Maze, which is not programmer and writer as I often read, and our respective parents ,” she assured.