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Entertainment 11 January, 2018

sexual harassment

While the case Harvey Weinstein has initiated a controversy of unprecedented sexual harassment, Mimie Mathy has expressed on the subject by returning to a situation in which she has had to deal with.

Guest on the programme Village Media on Europe 1, Mimie Mathy has not had the language in his pocket. The actress famous for playing the title role of the series Josephine guardian angel had come to do the promotion of his new telefilm aired Saturday on France 3. In the Face of the journalist Philippe Vandel, it is also income on the major debate worldwide around sexual harassment. And against the bullies, the actress has a technique that is quite personal.

“It touches me because as we waited I do not know how many years to spread it. And I think that it is an amalgam of this time, ” he said on Europe 1 that has recently defended the animator Tex after his joke sexist. “There are environments where it is very hard. The secretary who is harassed by his boss, the threat of dismissal, it is much more hard as the young actress who goes to see Harvey Weinstein and who wants at any price to the first role in the film ” provides Mimie Mathy.

After having joked about the fact that she would have liked that it “will be more hand to ass” at the risk of offending ” all feminists “, Mimie Mathy has given his own method against sexual harassment. “It happened to me and I answered. Me, if I put the hand to the buttocks, I put my hand to the hilt ” she yelled to the radio. “I think I need to answer and know what we want in life. I have had proposals that I didn’t like, I said, ‘no thank you’ and then that’s it, ” aconclu the actress, who celebrated his 60 years in 2017.


Mimie Mathy

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