Sexual violence : a project of law presented by a year

Health 17 October, 2017


Published the 16.10.2017 at 11: 50 am


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The word release, but now, we must act. While on Twitter, the hashtag #balancetonporc rage, denouncing the sexual assault of which women are victims to the daily, the government has announced the future submission of a draft law on the issue.

The text “gender-based violence and sex” will be submitted next year to the Parliament, has announced Marlène Schiappa in the columns of The Cross. The issue of violence against children will be at the heart of the future law, explained the secretary of State for Equality between women and men.

Non-consent of the child

The draft law should “recognize the extension” of the statute of limitations for sex crimes against minors and “establish a non-presumed consent” of children in terms of sexual relationship, two subjects on which bills have already been filed.

The government wishes to establish a ” minimum age below which a child or a teenager would be considered as not consenting to a sexual act. As in nearly all developed countries, ” argued Marlene Shiappa, who will lead this file with the minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet.

The topic recently came up on the front of the news with the reference in court for “sexual assault” and not “rape” a 28 year old male who has had sexual relations with a child of 11 years. The justice has considered that the girl had not manifested an opposition to the view that it was not consensual. The psychiatrists and the civil society were shocked by this reclassification, and the question of the establishment of a presumption of non-consent for the children was raised. Remains to know the age that will be chosen to establish this presumption.