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Entertainment 15 August, 2017


A court in Denver has just given totally because this Monday, August 14, to Taylor Swift, who accused the DJ of a radio station sexual assault pou him to have grabbed the buttocks during a photo session in 2013.

On June 2, 2013, touring on her ” Red Tour “, Taylor Swift, 23 years old, is ready to play a photo session with David Mueller, host of the radio station Kygo in Denver (Colorado). A meeting during which, according to the american star, the DJ allegedly grabbed the buttocks under her skirt during the shooting ; a sexual assault characterized. But this is David Mueller, which had triggered the hostilities in September 2015, continuing the pop star and his managers, on the grounds that they had led to his dismissal two days after their brief meeting ; he demanded three million dollars of loss of income and benefits. A month later, Taylor Swift had counter-attacked, accusing the DJ of sexual assault and asking for a symbolic dollar.

And then this Friday 11 August, judge William Martinez dismissed the allegations of the DJ against the singer, but believed that the charges against the manager Frank Bell and Andrea Swift, the mother of the musician, remained admissible, the jury of six women and two men have definitely swept away on Monday. Day during which Taylor Swift broke down in tears during closing arguments, hearing the lawyer of her opponent saying that she accused David Mueller wrongly.


So after six days of trial and several hours of deliberation, the verdict is in ! After ” 4 years of calvary “, Taylor Swift has obtained gain of cause. ” I thank judge Martinez, and the jury for their careful consideration and my lawyers for fighting for me and anyone who has the impression of not having a voice in response to sexual assault. “she as well stated in a press release. ” I acknowledge the privilege I enjoy in life, society, and my ability to absorb the huge costs to defend myself during such a trial. My hope is to help make the voices of those who should also be listened to. “, she added. A verdict, after which Doug Baldridge, the lawyer for the star said : “something really important has happened today. It took someone as famous as Taylor Swift to face and say no. It really means something to one in four women who are victims of sexual assault “.

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