Shadow Figures: Movie Trailer for the Oscars 2017

Cinema 25 January, 2017

The film Les Figures de L’Ombre has just been nominated in 3 categories at the Oscars 2017 and we unveil the trailer.
This is a film that risks shaking a lot! While we have wisely learned the history of space conquest at school, part of history has not been told and yet it is of capital importance. Thanks to the film Figures Shadow , justice will be made at the risk of much emotion. While the 2017 Oscars nominations have just fallen , a title went 3 times “Figures of Darkness” , the film directed by Theodore Melfi tells the extraordinary destiny of the three scientists African American who helped the United States To take the lead of the space conquest, thanks to the orbiting of astronaut John Glenn. Maintained in the shadow of their male colleagues and in that of a country plagued by deep inequalities, their history long ignored is finally brought to the screen.
The film is nominated for Best Film, Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Octavia Spencer , already Oscar winner for her role in The Color of Feelings and for Best Adaptation. The film will be released on March 8 in French cinemas and we look forward to it. See you on March 8 to find out the movies and 26 February for the ceremony 2017 Oscars !