Shadowhunters Season 2: Clary and Simon, can the couple survive the revelation of Jace?

Cinema 18 April, 2017

While Shadowhunters’ season 2 will not be back until June 5, will the couple formed by Clary and Simon survive the revelation of Jace?

Soon the end of Climon’s story? And yes the meltynauts, having been in love with Clary for the majority of his life, Simon finally took his courage in both hands to confess his feelings to his best friend. A statement that allowed our heroine to realize that she also felt something for the young man. After a very complicated story with Jace and learning that he was his biological brother, the pretty redhead decided to give herself a chance alongside Simon . Yes but here, the final mid-season, broadcast on Freeform , burst the truth! Jace and Clary are unrelated. And the first reflex of Jace of course was to tell Clary but seeing her so happy with Simon, He finally decided to shut up. But it is certain that this revelation should strike her sooner or later. While Melty’s editor suggested that you discover 5 questions about the sequel to Shadowhunters’ Season 2 , will the truth separate Clary and Simon?
Even if we do not doubt the feelings they share for each other, their story would probably never have happened if Clary and Jace had never believed to be brother and sister. Indeed, the two characters had an almost immediate connection and it is difficult to question it as it continued to flourish despite their supposed kinship. We know that Jace never stopped feeling anything for her and Clary was so determined to save him in the first episodes of the second season that we allow ourselves to doubt. Moreover, in the books of Cassandra Clare, the story of Clary and Simon does not last long after the revelation of Jace. It is therefore almost certain that the couple will separate very soon . Then, benefit ! One thing is for sure, we’re looking forward to finding our favorite characters for new adventures. Waiting for more info, discover our review of episode 10 of season 2 of Shadowhunters on melty. Do you prefer the Climon couple or the Clace pair?