Shadowhunters Season 2: Episode 1, Jace completely lost, our critic of the Season Premiere!

Cinema 4 January, 2017

While Shadowhunters episode 1 of Season 2 has just been released on Freeform, immediately discover our review of “This Guilty Blood”!
Can Jace be saved? And yes the meltynauts, after months of absence, our heroes were back and offered us an episode as tense as moving. Remember, Jace had joined Valentin at the very end of season 1. But of course, this turnaround never seemed credible and we were right because Jace’s only goal was to trap his biological father … At least at the beginning. While the editorial ‘of melty announced that Clary, Isabelle, Magnus and Alec would do their utmost to save Jace in episode 1 of season 2 of Shadowhunters , back in detail on the main events that marked “This Guilty Blood” aired last night on Freeform . And the least that can be said is that the absence of Jace upsets each of the characters at different levels. A true pillar of shadowhunters, many are overwhelmed by the decision of our hero. The institute was determined to wage war on Valentin and then took advantage of it to appoint a new chief, Victor. Authoritarian, strict and incapable of understanding this new character has something to irritate us and already seems to revel in the opponent’s half of that of Jace . If Clary does everything she can to defend her brother, Victor traps and uses her confidences to launch a notice of life or death on Jace. No more dragging, you must find the young man very quickly before he is killed by the institute.
Unfortunately, the difficulties are far from stopping there for Clary since Jocelyn has a strange behavior. Of course, mother and daughter are happy to be together, but Jocelyn’s incessant lies have only kept them away and while she promises to tell him the truth from now on, we quickly realize that this will not be the case. Indeed, Jocelyn is shaken when she understands that her son is alive and that it is Jace but instead of getting lost in her search, she decides to give herself the mission of killing him convinced that he Is totally under the control of Valentin. We can not help but find it annoying. Instead of hearing the arguments of his daughter and realize that it has not all the data, it continues its guerrilla war against Valentin and Jace . But she’s not quite wrong! Thus, Valentin clearly knew to manipulate Jace revealing to him that it was special since it has pure blood of demons in the veins and that its impulses including its attraction for Clary are only consequences. Poor Jace is lost and is slowly guided on a dark and dangerous path. We can easily understand it so much that it no longer knows who it is. Confused and widely influenced, Jace even killed a vampire who had surrendered. A gesture forbidden by the Enclave and which brings him a little closer to the disastrous projects of his father.
Meanwhile, Alec loses square foot. He is most affected by the disappearance of Jace and is ready to do anything to find him. Unfortunately, his impulsiveness still plays tricks on him and he is pushing all the people who wanted to help him, including Magnus. The tension between them is palpable and while Alec finally apologize to the end of the episode, we know that their relationship will ask for work and investment . Is Alec ready to give so much? We really hope so. Finally, Simon always does the job when it comes to make us laugh and we can not wait for him to reveal his feelings to the pretty redhead, it’s time. In short, we feel that the series finds its rhythm of cruising as well as its identity. With a new generic and a more assured casting, the show offers a new breath and convinces us of its potential. Darker than ever, this episode sets the tone for the season and it is clear that things are not going to be easy for our heroes especially with the return of Jocelyn. One thing is for sure, we look forward to seeing the rest. Do not forget that you can find each episode of Shadowhunters exclusively on Netflix. Pending more information, relive the day with me … Shadowhunters conquered my heart with Malec couple on melty. What did you think of this episode?