Shadowhunters Season 2: Episode 13, Jace still in love with Clary? Our critic!

Cinema 21 June, 2017

While Shadowhunters episode 13 of season 2 has just been released on Freeform, let’s get back together on the main events of “Those Demon Blood”!
A new couple? Yes, the meltynauts, while Clary and Simon always form a romantic and passionate tandem, it is possible that two other characters can go to the next step. It remains to be seen whether their history will last. While Melty’s editor suggested that you discover our criticism of Shadowhunters’ season 2 episode 12 , let’s get back to the main events of “Those Demon Blood” that aired last night on Freeform . And the least that can be said is that the new inquisitor has ideas well-defined a little like Aldertree before her. And if each one puts himself at the head of the challenge, Things are a little more complicated on the side of Jace who just learned that he was his grandson . With the mutilations of several shadowhunters and the threat to Clary’s life, Jace lost his footing becoming a real soldier of his grandmother who could betray his friends in order to arrest the guilty.
Unfortunately, these extreme methods place serious tensions between Jace and others who fail to understand such a reversal. It must be said that Jace was always the first to break the rules without scruple. Only Maïa seems to understand that the fact of having found his family can make him lose the head and in the end, he will finally realize his wrongs and to offer his position to Alec. But the beautiful brown is also completely lost. Terrorised by the events that shake the streets and the possibility of losing Magnus, he comes to not even trust him . A terrible situation for the Malec couple that drives our favorite wizard to share a very ambiguous moment with Dot. Fortunately, Magnus has stopped any rapprochement but it is clear that their couple is weakened.
Meanwhile, Isabelle was finally returning to the field. The young woman was a fierce fighter, and was once again in contact with Raphael to find out who was behind the murders. Their complicity is always on top and we look forward to knowing how their relationship will evolve in the future. After a time suspected Meliorn, they eventually discover that this is another fairy who expected to avenge the death of his brother. In short, this was a transitory episode. If it was interesting, it was not transcendent either and we look forward to seeing the pace accelerate very soon on the chain . But then, Can Jace and Maïa get married? Will Jace confess his feelings to Clary? While waiting for next week, do not forget to vote for your favorite show to win the 2017 World Cup on melty . What did you think of this episode?