Shameless, Sense8, Orphan Black: Series that did not participate in the 2017 World Cup

Cinema 25 June, 2017

It is not because they are not in competition that they have been forgotten.
This is the end of the first round of our 2017 World Cup and you still have a little time to go HERE for your favorite series ! As every year, choices have had to be made and some series have therefore been set aside since it is impossible to select absolutely all series . A short tour of the series that did not participate but that we adore nevertheless.
Shameless US
The Shameless series in the American style is still not part of our competition but it is not for lack of love. The Gallagher family continues to make us laugh and cry with their adventures and we are already looking forward to Fiona, Lip, Debbie, Ian and the others in the next season . Adapted from the British eponymous series, Shameless tells of the galleys of a large family whose parents are not exactly models. But their trials bring them closer together and always show a sense of solidarity as powerful as it is touching despite all their disputes. Even if she can not win the competition, Shameless has already won in our hearts.
Superman’s cousin Superman is not part of the competition but everyone knows her legendary strength and merit. Supergirl never ceases to amaze us by continuing to fight against all the assailants of National City and season 2 has ended on a grand episode . With her sister Alex at her side and gifted and courageous friends, Kara is there to repel all threats and we hope to see her continue on the CW for many more years.
Orphan Black
Sarah Manning’s clones also deserved to be part of the 2017 World Cup and you can testify to your love for Orphan Black in the comments below. The series that blends thriller and science fiction to perfection continues to amaze us with its ever more intensive and mysterious intrigues. Cloning, women’s rights to their bodies, genetic evolution … All these fascinating themes are highlighted thanks to the talent of the incredible Tatiana Maslany, who alone composes at least half of the cast.
Despite his too early cancellation, Sense8 would deserve to win all the competitions. His intrigue around eight mind-connected sensates that are fighting an organization that wants to dissect their brains is as original as well-conducted. Filming around the world, casting as talented as diversified, the message of tolerance and love that it transmits … We miss everything, but above all the cluster that we have come to know and love through the Two seasons …
Suits’ Season 7 is back this summer, July 12th, but for our Summer Series group too, we had to make choices. Yet even if it is not in this category, it does not mean that we forget it. It is always a pleasure to continue to follow the adventures of Mike and Harvey, and even more so since Mike finally became a lawyer . We can not wait to see him rework at Specter & Litt despite his sometimes heated relationship with Harvey and know what awaits them in the next season!
The Handmaid’s Tale
She arrives very quickly on OCS – June 27 more precisely – and we can only advise her: The Handmaid’s Tale offered us a first masterful season that takes to the guts. By plunging us into a dystopian future where women no longer have any rights over their bodies, the adapted series of Margaret Atwood’s novel shows a frightening world of realism . Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men, Top of the Lake) shines in the title role and the rest of the equally talented cast only adds to the intensity of the entire series.
The DC series may well be out of competition this year, that does not mean that we put Gotham aside to forget it. Season 3 has just ended on the FOX but she has not been selected to be part of the Summer Series in the 2017 World Cup. Yet the adventures of James Gordon are still exciting to follow And we hope to continue learning more about the Wayne family’s past with Bruce . In short, the FOX has offered us a lively season which makes us look forward to seeing the sequel in September.
Here is a quick tour of some of the series that were not in competition but still deserve all our love. We have also not forgotten This is Us, Nashville, The Leftovers, iZombie, Big Little Lies or House of Cards that we also carry in our hearts but we had to make choices. And you, what series would you like to see in the competition?