Shameless US Season 7: Episode 11 Ian he will follow Mickey in Mexico? our criticism

Cinema 13 December, 2016

Last night, the US channel Showtime aired episode 11 of Season 7 Shameless US. Then discover our critique of “Happily Ever After” and the promo video of the final season!

This second part of Season 7 of Shameless US is really exciting to follow. Monica and Mickey returns are far from boring and gave us scenes full of emotion, tenderness but also two shocking scenes. As you know, at the end of episode 10 of Season 7 Shameless US , Ian decided to go on the road with Mickey towards Mexico since the latter is on the run. This allows us to have a plot centered Gallavich couple and even if it does not end as fans would like, the whole is very successful. Mickey back allows Ian to realize how much he has changed since his ex was incarcerated despite his feelings for the young man, he does not see a life of off-the-law . So it’s a nice farewell scene that we offer Ian and Mickey at the Mexican border. This seems to be the season of maturity for most Gallagher. Between the decision to Carl to go to military school, Fiona makes a profit, and now Ian taking the wise decision not to follow Mickey.
Lip also seems on the road to recovery, although for him it is still only the beginning. After Fiona is Debbie who made him the moral and confirms that he has indeed been his first appointment of Alcoholics Anonymous. The series was well written the plot of Lip this year, showing how this can be hard to stop drinking and we hope that this time it is good for him. Meanwhile, Fiona shines after selling the laundromat. She buys a brand new car but is still struggling to gain recognition from Lip – even if it will come later in the episode . However, Fiona still feels guilty vis-à-vis Etta and will continue to take care of it by inviting him to sleep at the Gallagher waiting to place it in a retirement home. And it just has to see the tears of the elder Gallagher to see that Fiona really has a big heart. Furthermore, she met a certain Ryan who, after they slept together, asked him to sell him the building they come to visit. Fiona she will plunge and embark on a new adventure? It has become a real business woman and we really hope that this season will end happy for her.
For their part, Monica and Frank fell back into old habits: parties, drugs, alcohol and theft. Monica, who is ill, remains committed to find a way to get money for his children to be forgiven, but Frank has another plan, he wants to remarry Monica. If the Gallagher children are delighted by this news – apparently they are not at their first marriage – this will still result in a beautiful scene where the majority of Gallagher dancing in the living room, just like old times. Unfortunately, the joy and good humor will be short-lived as Frank wakes up to find Monica unconscious beside him. The scene of the end of the episode, with a musical background, where we see Frank try to wake Monica, Fiona crying about to leave home for Etta retraire and Ian to tears seeing the love of his life leaving for Mexico is simply overwhelming . Season 7 Shameless US still knows as well marry the trash and poetic content. If one believes the promo video of the final season, which you can see above, Monica has left the family a whole lot of drugs and the characters are not really agree on what to do with. In addition, Carl will be back! What did you think of this episode?