Shameless US season 7: Episode 12, farewell SPOILER, our critic of the final season

Cinema 19 December, 2016

Last night, the American channel broadcast episode 12 of season 7 of Shameless US. Then discover our criticism of “Requiem for a Sl * t”, the final season.

It is in the final series of tunes Shameless US closed its seventh season. It starts as we all suspected, with the death of Monica. It is this event that will weigh on all episodes and offer us a final season where all the Gallagher children are united, and it feels good. After the disputes between the two, we find them a little more like at the beginning of the series, more mature. And if there is something you really enjoy with this season finale is that for once he ends on a note of hope for each of Gallagher . This final season therefore confirms once again that this season is the season of maturity and it is a pleasure to see how well his characters have evolved before our eyes for 7 years. Fortunately, we have just learned that Shameless US was renewed for season 8, as had been more or less announced Emmy Rossum , so we are not yet ready to leave Gallagher.
We see in particular the maturity of the Gallagher when they go from wanting to sell the drug left by their mother, ultimately no longer wanting. From the start, Fiona is against this idea and she also succeeds in hiding the drug where no one will seek it: in the coffin of Monica. Fiona is very present in this episode and it is very interesting to see how the death of her mother affects her. If the elder of the Gallagher is not sad, it brings up all the bad memories of his childhood, which will certainly never heal. It is said in every episode – or almost – but Emmy Rossum is still masterful in this episode . When is a recognition for his formidable work? (#AnEmmyForEmmy) Furthermore, Carl was back in this episode, and it’s certainly one that has changed the most over the past two seasons. He went from being a drug dealer to a studious and committed student. The reunion made us warm in the heart, just like the scene where they all dance in the living room.
For his part, Lip continues to stand despite the hardships and difficulty of staying sober. He will seek advice from his sponsor, he goes to the appointments of alcoholics anonymous and he may even be able to recover with Sierra if he continues on this path. Moreover, in one of the last scenes, he talks about going back to university. There is no need to say, the Gallagher have come a long way. Debbie was somewhat backward in the last episodes, but that does not mean she did not grow up, since she went back to school and finally forgave Fiona. The series does not leave us on a big cliffhanger like last season , so it’s hard to know which directions will intrigue of season 8, but we hope the wheel will continue to turn in the right direction for them all. While waiting to know more, know that you can always read our review of episode 11 of Season 7 Shameless US on melty. What did you think of the final season?