Shameless US Season 7: Episode 9, startling revelations, our criticism

Cinema 28 November, 2016

Last night, the US channel Showtime aired episode 9 of season 7 Shameless US. Discover then immediately our criticism “Ourabouros” and the promo video of the next episode.

shameless-us-saison-6-episode-3-sneak-peekThis Season 7 Shameless US continues to improve from episode to episode, and that this week is on the same wavelength as the last. The hurricane Monica is back in Chicago and each knows what Gallagher it means . As usual, Fiona and Lip will not have anything to do with their mother, Ian tries the kick but it was quickly brought back to reality, Frank seeks at all costs to avoid so it was Debbie who is the welcome with open arms. The family of Derek took Franny at the end of episode 8, and it is thanks to Monica that Debbie will be able to recover his daughter. She decided to give yet another chance at his mother – even if it appears not to have changed for a penny. If we were afraid that the plot of Debbie takes a tragic turn, the social worker finally decides she can keep his daughter. She even ask Fiona to hire, which marks an important step in their relationship. Nevertheless, if we feel that the atmosphere is less tense between the two sisters, it is clear that Fiona does not like Debbie forgive so quickly Monica while she was all for his little sister and she seem at all grateful.
If Debbie manages to put his life in order, this is not the case Lip who still sinking further and continues to drink a lot. Youens landed him a new interview for an internship, but he decided not to go. We hope, however, that the scene he shares with Sierra succeed in making him open his eyes. This is also the moment to note how much we love Sierra, a strong woman who does not hesitate to put Lip in his place and tell him what he needs to hear. Lip can criticize Fiona as he wants, but at least she tries to get out and move forward. Moreover, the laundromat is finally operational and Fiona tries to make it a friendly place. The beginnings are difficult and it is not helped because it gets a bad review on Yelp. Admittedly Fiona lead buggery is one of the best scenes of the episode and that this has made us laugh. Note that we eventually discovered, in the end, that Monica is sick and dying, which automatically Frank rallied his side.
Meanwhile, Kev, Veronica and Svetlana attempt to resolve their problems “trouple” by going to a marriage counselor. So it’s time that the three characters say just what they think, and again we can not help but be affected by the so Kev demonstrated honesty . While everything seems to finally settle and Kev is ready to return to live with his two wives, a revelation is made about the Alibi. It turns out that Svetlana is now the owner of the bar and she did it without even telling the other two. Is Svetlana currently use Kev and Veronica to serve its own interests? We are entitled to ask the question … Nevertheless, this is not the most important revelation of the episode, as we discover in the end that Mickey Milkovich escaped from prison! WHAT?! This promises to be interesting to read anyway. In the next episode of Season 7 Shameless US , Lip will bottom, while Frank and Monica try to rob a trade, that should be hectic on Showtime! What did you think of this episode?