Shameless US season 7: What can we expect from the next season?

Cinema 28 December, 2016

Season 7 of Shameless US ended some time ago on Showtime. Discover what awaits the characters in season 8!
It’s official, the series Shameless US has been renewed for an eighth season – to our delight – so we’ll find Gallagher in new adventures in 2017. If one believes the tweet Emmy Rossum had posted to confirm that she would return in the next US Shameless season , filming is expected to resume in May. It is not yet known whether the series will be broadcast in the fall, as in season 7, or from January as in previous seasons. For once, the season ended rather well for the Gallagher family and it is said that we will start the next chapter on a healthier basis. The seventh season was that of maturity, it remains to be seen whether Fiona, Lip, Ian and the others will continue on this path or if new obstacles are going to cross their paths.
Fiona finally seems to have found her way and now she owns a building that she will have to renovate before being able to rent or resell. Since the building belongs to him, you wonder if the elder Gallagher will take the opportunity to move from the family home to settle in one of the apartments . For its part, Lip has finally decided to stop drinking air – even if it is already what we thought at the end of last season . It will be a perpetual battle for him, but we know he can count on the support of his family. Moreover, it is hoped that he will continue his idea of ​​wanting to resume his studies and return to university, but also that Sierra will really give him a chance. The young woman has a good influence on him. Ian had to say goodbye to the love of his life this season, when Mickey fled to Mexico after escaping from prison. Will he reconcile with Trevor in Season 8 Shameless US ? One hopes in any case because his character, besides being particularly interesting, is adorable and we love the couple he formed with Ian.
As for Debbie, we are pleased to see that she has finally forgiven Fiona and is making decisions about her future. Her idea of ​​resuming classes to find work proves that we gradually find the Debbie we love so much. Moreover, we should see if it will follow through and marry Neil . One imagines that Carl will continue his education at the military school. It is true that we see his character much less these last two seasons, but it is certainly because the actor wants to have a normal education next to the series. In any case, we really like what his character is becoming, and we can not wait to see what happens next. Liam started speaking this season, and with his entrance to school, it is hoped that this means he will soon have a real plot. Kev and Veronica have experienced highs and lows this season, maybe we will continue to see how they survive without the Alibi and after the Svetlana shenanigans. Finally, it is always hard to know what is going to happen to Frank as these plots are crazy and unpredictable, but it is certain that the death of Monica will change it. While waiting to learn more, know that our criticism of the episode 12 of Season 7 Shameless US is still available on melty. What do you expect from Shameless US season 8?