Shannen Doherty supported by Luke Perry, the love of his life in Beverly Hills

Entertainment 15 November, 2016

For several months, Shannen Doherty fight against breast cancer. A long struggle during which he regularly receives support from his family and former playmates Last achieved. Luke Perry, with whom she formed a couple who dream of millions of viewers in the series Beverly Hills .

beverly-hillsRemember: the series Beverly Hills , Brandon, Kelly, Steve and especially Dylan and Brenda , this pair of teenagers whose love agitations have fascinated millions of viewers worldwide . The actors of this cult series of the 90 remained in the heart of the fans that since the judgment of the episodes, following in the media route and following the career of their idols. Lately, it is primarily the fate of Shannen Doherty that moves.
The actress is fighting for months against breast cancer and sharing his long battle with the public . His story very emotional especially among his former partners Beverly Hills who regularly express their support for their friend . Latest, Luke Perry, the actor who played Dylan in Beverly Hills , the love Branda therefore, played by Shannen Doherty. At a fan convention held in Bloomingdale, Illinois, he stated: ” None of us would be here without Shannen today . She has been through a lot. It is not going well at the moment, and that she brought to Beverly Hills is sometimes minimized. He was thrown under a bus, and I was accused of driving that bus. But we owe him much of the success of the series. She taught me a lot. I’m glad she was my partner game. She did a great job with his character and with myself. ”
Shortly before is another star of Beverly Hills who supported Shannen Doherty. Jenny Garth, who plays Kelly, another love with Dylan in the series, has chosen Instagram to show solidarity with his colleague. “In my soul mate, the strongest woman I’ve ever met. At that time like today. I happened to feel threatened by your character, but now I admire. You taught me a lot about how to say what I think and do not be afraid of my power. I’m thankful that the younger I could be friends with you. But above all the “sleep” me! The best is yet to come in this crazy adventure !! I love you ! #fightlikeagirl #fightlikebrenda #arie s “.