Sharon Osbourne reveals the awful story behind her miscarriage …

Entertainment 18 November, 2016

The wife of crazy Ozzy told a sad episode occurred in his youth.
exclusif-sharon-osbourne-dans-les-ruesHappy mother of three children , Sharon Osbourne probably should have at least one more … that’s what she found on the set of the show The Talk , which she co-host.
Indeed, Sharon Osbourne (64) revealed that in her younger years, she had a miscarriage even though it knew to be pregnant! ” When I was about, oh my God, something like 28 years [either before the birth of her three children, Ed] , I was attacked by a Doberman pinscher and a Berlin herdsman. They belonged to my parents and when I joined them – at the time I had a really high pitched voice – their ears have recovered I walked through the door, I said hello and bam the Doberman jumped me and m.. ‘grabbed her head – it’s one of the things they do – and dragged me to the ground and the two then attacked me , “she said.
Sharon Osbourne – mum of Jack, Kelly and Aimee whose father Ozzy Osbourne – then not very well known dog since his parents no longer lived under their roof, but fortunately her mother, who was present, quickly mastered his animals. However, the damage was done because, after going to the emergency room, she learned terrible news … ” I went to the hospital and I did not know it but I was pregnant and I finally lost the baby “she recounted. Although marked by this event, Sharon Osbourne still retains his love for dogs: in 2011, she even won an auction of puppies at a charity event. Against a check for $ 10,000, she adopted a little Yorkshire Terrier named Charlie.