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Entertainment 16 January, 2018

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Sharon Stone has participated in the show “Sunday morning”, hosted by Lee Cowan on CBS. Asked about the sexual harassment after the revelations of the case Weinstein, the actress speaks for the first time, after a long… laugh.

Sharon Stone is one of the actresses with the most sulphurous of Hollywood. After her role in Basic Instinct, the actress will retain her image of femme fatale. In the program “Sunday morning” presented by Lee Cowan on CBS, Sharon Stone spoke for the first time of the sexual harassment that she was able to live throughout her career. A response that begins with a noise unexpected : the sound of laughter.

When the presenter asks if she has already been found in situations that are ” too disturbing “, the actress has indeed burst out laughing. Uncomfortable, the journalist tries to get a response : “You’ve got to be kidding, but I do not know if it is a nervous laughter or if it is a laugh ‘are You kidding me, of course that I’ve been'” . The mom of three boys then answers without going through four paths. “It’s been 40 years that I’ve been in business, Lee. Can you imagine in what environment I got here, forty years ago ? With the physical that I had, coming from a backwater in Pennsylvania ? I arrived alone, without protection. I was not spared nothing,” says the actress.

At almost 60 years old, the actress seems to be very lucid on the situation of women in the 7th art, and more particularly in Hollywood. She has also said, in December 2016, have been trapped by the director of Basic Instinct, Paul Verhoeven. During the famous scene of uncrossing of legs that made it famous, the director would have asked her to remove her white panties “too visionary” for the shooting, taking this opportunity to film his sex. Paul Verhoeven said that the actress knew very well what she was doing.

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