Shay: “Booba is a real support for its artists”

Entertainment 28 January, 2017

Signed in Booba’s 92i, Shay explained in EXCLU how the work with the rapper was going. Complicated or not? The answer just below.
Since December 2, the album Pretty Bitch Shay’s looping in a lot of people. She was also part of our top 2016 albums rap . Of “PMW” to “Cabeza” through “Thibaut Courtois” , the young woman stood out with all the most original sounds as each other. But be careful, Shay did not happen by chance. The rapper worked hard and surrounded herself with the best to provide the best. A beautiful course that allowed him to be the first woman ( and only to date ) has been signed on the 92i Booba, one of the most coveted labels in the world of rap fr. Inevitably, on learning this, some wondered how it was up with working in B20 company . Know that Shay confided in EXCLU to melty and answered the question.
When asked if Shay was sometimes difficult to work with Booba , the rapper said : “Yes and no, it’s hard in the sense that it is demanding and very picky It is sometimes difficult to achieve.. The level he wishes, but at the same time he is a very kind and genuine support for his artists. The fact that he does not let us go, gives us the strength to work to reach the level of demand ‘he asks us.” In addition to preparing his next album, Booba does not forget the talents he signs and seems to be deep behind them. A different version of Booba who is not shy to clashing Kaaris full interview . Do you work with him?