Shay returns after Jolie Garce, she releases a new extract unpublished

Entertainment 6 April, 2017

Booba’s petite protégée has unveiled a brand new sound on social networks after the release of his album Jolie Garce.
On December 2, 2016, Shay rocked a bomb by releasing his very first album entitled Jolie Garce . The rapper, signed to the label Booba 92i has a long way since his first collaboration with the Duke of “Cruella” in 2011. Now it stands on its own, although the interpreter of “DKR” is Never far and watches over his protégée. Besides, Booba, who is in clash with Rohff, never forgets the essentials , his work and music. With Jolie Garce, Shay has already released “PMW” , which has just been certified single platinum, “Biche” , “Cabeza” and ”
On social networks, Shay posted a picture of her, white and black hair, sitting in the middle of heads of mannequins. The photo is accompanied by an extract entitled “Garce” , a word that she seems to have definitively adopted. So is it a simple piece to reboost sales of his project or it announces a second opus , which would see the day very soon after the first. As usual, the singer did not comment and prefers to keep the mystery around her job. Perhaps she will say more on the stage of the Spring of Bourges, on which she is expected on April 19th, and for which melty makes you win your passes. What do you think of this new sound?