Sherlock Season 4: Episode 1, Death of SPOILER, what can we expect for the sequel?

Cinema 3 January, 2017

Very much anticipated by the fans of the series, the fourth season of Sherlock offered us a first episode rich in emotions, marked notably by the death of SPOILER.

Months was expected the season 4 Sherlock, we hoped to see land in 2016 . But if it is finally at the beginning of 2017 that we could find the geniaux protagonists of the series, it is quickly understood that several upheavals are to wait. Pregnant in the previous season, Mary, the wife of John Watson gives birth to a little girl, which complicates a little the good progress of the surveys in terms of organization. Obviously, you can imagine that we are not there to change diapers, and the real fun really begins when the mysterious past of Mary redone again area . Accused of treason by the only remaining member of her intervention group, Mary must once again face her past, to re-establish the truth about the deaths of her former colleagues. But as Sherlock discovers the identity of the “English woman” responsible for the dissolution of AGRA, the latter tries to shoot Sherlock, pushing Mary to take the ball in his place. A brutal death was unexpected, which annihilates Watson , convinced that the death of his wife is due to the arrogance of Sherlock in this case.
You’ll understand that this first season of Sherlock introduced a new status quo . Mary, aka Amanda Abbington died, and Watson is alone in having to raise her child, unable to forgive Sherlock. For its part, the detective receives a mysterious posthumous message from Mary, who asked him to solve “the most difficult business” of his career. Deeply shocked by her friend’s death, will Sherlock choose to question herself in an attempt to reconnect with Watson? Or will he prefer to go it alone as in the good old days? Whether they like it or not, the two protagonists will very quickly be led to work together again to ensure the safety of London. Especially as the ghost of Moriarty, one of the worst villains series, all categories , still hangs over the new season. Even if Sherlock still seems convinced of the death of his nemesis, it is a safe bet that the latter still reserves many surprises for him! What do you think of the death of Mary’s character in the Sherlock series?