Sherlock: Why we absolutely want a season 5

Cinema 20 January, 2017

Season 4 of Sherlock has just ended, and clearly, we are not ready to mourn.
It can be said that many things happened in this fourth season. With the death of SPOILER as of the first episode of Sherlock 4 , the relations between Sherlock and Watson have been deeply shaken, and we can say that the last episodes of the season leave us a little on our hunger … At the same time, this Fourth season features (as previous ones) only a few episodes, leaving very little room for lengths. Except that many questions remain unresolved after The Final Problem , starting with all those levitating around the VERY secret secret that Mycroft hides from Sherlock for years. In order not to spoil you, you will not be told what it is, but clearly, there are still quite a few unanswered questions. Especially since the disappearance of Moryarty is still borrowed from a lot of dark points, and it continues to hover like a ghost on the series.
But our prayers should be answered, since if we were a little afraid that the end of season 4 of Sherlock would mark that of series , Steven Moffat gave hope to the fans, revealing why the death of SPOILER had been organized in the first Episode of the season 4. “We decided it would be a shame to have to wait two years to show how much Sherlock and Watson want each other … We wanted to keep the dynamics of the show and show it as early as the week Next ” . You will therefore understand, season 5 would be expected as the showrunner of the series star , and should help to shed light on a lot of intrigue that still hover … While it will take to achieve it 2019, knowing the rhythm of filming of the series made in BBC . Do you think Sherlock is already in season 5?