Sherlock: Will season 4 be the last? We have the answer!

Cinema 17 January, 2017

While the last episode of Sherlock Season 4 has just been released, it’s a new conclusion that completes the adventures of Sherlock and Watson. But could this fourth season be the last? We have the answer.
You know, the season 4 Sherlock just experienced a high voltage final episode . The opportunity to conclude a new arc, and close a chapter of the adventures of Sherlock, deeply marked by the death of spoiler . But could season 4 be the last? Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Martin Freeman (John) are very much in demand, and their respective schedules may not be very compatible with the shooting of a series. For many fans, The final problem could well bring a definitive end to the excellent series Sherlock . To stop the rumors, the producers of the series wanted to provide some answers. You will see that it is rather mysterious. Mark Gatiss, co-creator of the series, The final problem could be the last episode of Sherlock . “Season 4 can actually end Sherlock, I’m not saying it is, but it would be possible, with the previous seasons it would have been impossible to put an end to the series because the last episodes “This is the first time that my series can actually end.”
Mark Gatiss continues, “This episode could be the last, who knows … (…) I think that with what has happened, we have operated quite how Sherlock and Watson became what they are. if the series returns, and we’d love that to be the case, it would have the new season begins with Sherlock who opens a door and asks “Hey, you want to go out to play?” you’ll understand the . future of the series is not yet secured We remember, Sherlock season 4 was treated to a breathtaking trailer during the Comic Con 2016 . Today, one thing is certain: with the final problem , showrunners the end of the series the series in style. Whether they decide to program a new season, or create a spin-off around the world heroes (Mary why not?), Sherlock should still do much talking . Would you like to find Sherlock for a new season?