Shy’m sexy poses in bikini for Benoit Paire

Entertainment 2 December, 2016

Sexy one day, always sexy, Shy’m is in the mountains with her boyfriend Benoit Paire. The opportunity for the couple to recharge in good vibrations after a fusion of love year that the poor performance of the tennis somewhat undermined.

shy-mNovember 28, Shy’m celebrated its 31 years, punctuating the same time, a year spent in the arms of tennis player Benoit Paire. It is indeed in October 2015 that the two lovebirds have formalized their relationship. A story still relevant despite rumors of separation that emerged in recent weeks.
Because the time line is not the enemy of the couple, on the contrary. The more passes, it seems safe, if the building As the walls of his fortress. A past close relationship to the rhythm of poor performance tennis player of 27 years.
Sports results, which this year, have been declining. In fact, between 11 January 2016 and 8 November, the Avignon tumbled in the ATP rankings, from the 18 th up to 47 th . A disastrous season in which Benoit Paire returned in a press conference after his elimination in 1 st round of the Masters of Paris-Bercy: ” I gave the stick to get beat, that’s true. This year, what finally emerged, is that I was a big con, unfriendly, rude (referring to his behavior at the Olympics and its suspension by the French Tennis Federation) … All I’m not, I think , “he explained to tears.
Shy’m the months that do will never be released, encouraging as soon as she could in the stands and always finding the right words to inflate her spirits. The time has come for the couple to make a clean sweep of this period increased to arouse the curiosity of the fans and media.
As soon as they can, the two lovers leave to go green, away from the bustle. As evidenced by the last shots that the singer has shared his Instagram account on which one sees shout loudly, snowboard feet, the largest pure mountain air. Then in bikini, sexy as ever, posing natural for her lover in a heated pool. After the effort, comfort, after the storm, the calm … finally.