Simple and easy to manage, the iud is the contraceptive most used in the world

Health 31 January, 2018


Published the 31.01.2018 at 12: 36


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Advantages over the pill :

The huge difference with the pill is that you don’t forget : it is also practical, effective, reversible and long-term, below 1% of pregnancy, which is just as well that the pill, provided that it is taken… Where, once landed, there is nothing else to do. No medicine to take, little or no changes to the rules.

As for the pill, there is a copper iud emergency totally unknown in France

There are in fact 2 kinds of emergency contraception. Emergency contraception-hormonal, more known under the name of morning-after pill, or the intrauterine device the copper.

it is less well known that the morning-after pill, but in fact, the copper iud, the copper is not only a means of contraception regularly, it is also very effective as an emergency contraceptive, when you put in the 5 days after a report at risk.

It can be placed in an emergency, theoretically, without problems.

Stating that in his or her doctor or her gynecologist, as it is an emergency, it should not pose a problem. So much so that the pose itself is really quick : 2-3 min. In principle, the insertion is pretty painless, but it really depends on the women. Last strong point of the iud as an emergency contraceptive, once installed, it will also be used as regular birth control is very effective.

It is very easy to remove if it is poorly supported.

It is true that it is one of the brakes at first. In fact the pains are rare, and anyway the slightest doubt, the iud can be removed as easily as it was put. And pregnancy becomes possible immediately.

There is a controversy over the management of the iud. Some women want to be able to remove it themselves. Most specialists are against with valid arguments (mostly due to the infection). Some found the gesture so simple that the exclusivity of the act medical is unjustified. Nothing prohibits it… It is a choice that belongs to each woman.

It does not cause a mini-abortion

Its principle has long been a mystery. It is now known that it is not a micro abortion as detractors of the method have wanted to believe, but rather a modification of the environment that receives the sperm. There are also new coils that are soaked d’ hormone, progesterone, which makes it even more effective but which today poses the problem of the tolerance.

Even women who have not had children can use.

It is this legend of French which explains why so few women use it in France. But this is false. On the other hand, it is true that the French doctors are poorly trained in this method which is surprising ; It is, moreover, a method of emergency contraception being ignored in France, where we mainly use the morning-after pill. It is a pity that the French women are unaware of in their great majority, because the emergency iud works very well, and, most importantly, can be kept permanently if the woman desires. Which avoids these mini abortion repeatedly.

The coil is 4 to 5 years of tranquility

The iud is prescribed, placed and removed by a physician or a midwife can be left for a period of 5 years. However, even if it is simple and well tolerated, it does not follow regularly the woman.