Sindy in clash with La Fouine? She swings on her mentor in her story Snapchat

Entertainment 9 January, 2017

A member of Team BS and a small protégé of La Fouine, Sindy swings like never before on his former mentor, who would not always have been a pro.

Sindy is La Fouine that Shay is Booba, who could be present at the opening ceremony of the CAN 2017 . Small from the rapper since “Popstars” and the success of their Team BS, Sindy had known the celebrity and released a first album in 2015, then nothing. In late December 2016, the young woman wanted to send a message to his label and The Weasel without naming names: “Dear 2016, (…) you have not been very nice to me (…) between professional disappointments, The doors that close, the waiting for replies to the calls, the emails sent in order to finally release a title (…) I waited for days and days the call of the person who handed me the Hand (…) which unfortunately is to subscribers absent for more than a year. ” A very heavy speech accentuated by the ill-being of the girl, visibly touched by the abandonment of those who had brought her to its beginnings.
Given this long message posted on his Twitter account , the controversy began to swell and the fair has had to explain Snapchat to justify his words very hard on The Weasel. “When you sign a contract, you are my producer and you do not give me news for 1 year and a half … Whether you are Pierre, Paul, Jacques or La Fouine, when you have a commitment you hold it, point.” Visibly disappointed by the behavior of his boss, Sindy announces the end of his contract with his record label and La Fouine and will finally be free of this weight that has weighed him for months. The young woman plans to release a new album, which this time, will look like 100%. The Weasel, who may be interested in new talent Nayra , did not react to these comments. What do you think of this whole story?