Slimane : why he refused to participate in the Enfoirés Gala

Entertainment 19 January, 2018

The Enfoirés

While spectators of the city of Strasbourg are applauding at this moment the joyful troupe Enfoirés for his edition named Music !, the singer Slimane explained to the magazine Télé Loisirs why he was not involved in the show.

This is not the fault of adhering to the cause of the Enfoirés who pay for the created by Coluche in 1985 their gains in the Restos of the heart, or lack of commitment in fighting the affect : Slimane is indeed the godfather of the association Just a Human who works for the well-being of children in hospitals, but the singer adheres to not just the concept. As he explained to the magazine Télé Loisirs, appearance, show, comedy-based sketches, where artists are invited to dress up does not touch more than that : “To be honest, I would have of course loved to be a part of the troupe Enfoirés. I am touched by this cause. I’ve seen people go to the Restaurants of the heart to feed. If I am not, it is because in television, the productions know what I like to do, or not. I don’t like to disguise myself, this is not my delirium. I do correspond not to this show. I commit myself differently.”

A criticism that resembles significantly the one made to the band a few years ago by Johnny Hallyday at Charts in France : “I’ve done the first four concerts. It was good. It was just the singers.Now it is fair. It has also become an issue of promotion (…) I would feel uncomfortable to sing a duet with a dummy of any kind”.

Until 21 January, the joyous troop, which has sometimes known the controversy, occurs at Strasbourg for his show Music !.

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