Small you broke toys for fun, bah these films do the same with buildings

Cinema 23 January, 2017

Like you at the time, you just have to find an explanation story that passes. Even if it is not 100% coherent, it is so beautiful that people are kiffent.
Fight Club
A mythical scene and the word is not overused. A crazy movie that has marked a generation and has since become a reference. Here we see the narrator accompanied by the other Marla tarée, enjoy the show, in an atmosphere of end of the world. With the sound, it’s perfect.
The Darkest Hour
As they prepare to break through the river, the mission is getting stronger. It moves, the small boat seems too little to be safe and the buildings in flames begin to pitch. Then there’s one that’s gonna explode. One can suspect a criminal origin. After, I say that …
Good there is gift. For those who like explosions and special effects, it’s Christmas. Houses, roads, buildings … everything goes by! And why ? Because of the movement of the tectonic plates, and yes. And hop, we can get dressed!
Casino Royale
This is the stupid accident. While this good old James faces several criminals, the brawl goes as a lollipop. The big bad guys do not control their rage or their weapons. The building eventually let in the water – yes, precision, it’s in Venice – and leans gently but surely. Before you really break the jaws. Game of hands, game of villains.
Demolition Man
A Sylvester Stallone fight – Wesley Snipes, in an old science fiction film, it looks. Especially since it is one of the biggest successes of the 90s, anyway. Obviously, it is the villain who dies and the gentile who gets away with an explosion and a jump of death to escape.
The Blues Brothers
The criminal origin is no doubt since we see the person in charge of the brothel. In this case, LA responsible. A mysterious woman (who would be Jake’s ex, seeking revenge), who nonchalantly triggers the explosion of a small pressure on a case, sitting in his car. Besides, it’s the late Carrie Fisher. Another memorable film in which she played.
World Trade Center
Alas based on a true story, there was no need to invent. The famous attacks of September 11, the explosion of the two towers … The opportunity to find Nicolas Cage and see him yelling, leaving to hide in slow motion.
Transformers 3: The Dark Side of the Moon
It is decidedly not the great love between the Autobots and the Decepticons. The latter send agents on land, history to invade, squarely. This will force the Autobots like Sam to resume service and protect humans. So to find oneself in perilous situations, as when the enemies make fall of the buildings looking for them, like big goats. Are you one of those who do not refuse a small scene of collapsing buildings?