Smallville : the route sordid of Allison Mack in his sect of sexual accurate

Cinema 20 May, 2018






First, there was the case of Weinstein last October, which launched the movement #Metoo. A lot of personalities are found in the viewfinder of a variety of charges. But, a month later, a more serious back to the surface.

And that the things are clear, we do not link the two cases. They have nothing to see, even if they share a common trunk. On the one hand we have producers, actors and directors who take advantage of their position to abuse actresses, which is already horrible. On the other, we have a sectarian organisation in the pyramidal structure, which use women as sex slaves, and destroy them physically and psychologically.

Last November, the surprise was total when we had learned that actress Allison Mack, from the series Smallville, was accused of participating in a trafficking of sex slaves for the account of a cult called NXIVM, with at its head the disorder Keith Raniere. They were both arrested in April last and the first elements of this case have begun to be revealed on the public square. While his trial is set for the 1st October next, and that she was released against a bail of $ 5 million, the journey of Allison Mack unveils itself a bit more through an investigation by the Hollywood Reporter. It warns you live, it is particularly sordid.


Allison Mack


As we know, Mack was the number 2 in the sect, and one of its largest recruiting via the VIP section of the organization called BACK. It was in 2006 that it would be entered in the sect, after a seminar feminist way of two days in Vancouver, organized by a group named Jness. And it is the actress Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang in Smallville) that would have moved him, even though she has left the sect in 2010. On-the-spot, Mack would have made the acquaintance of Nancy Salzman, the co-founder of the sect, who saw in it the opportunity to join a hollywood star, in the manner of the Church of Scientology, which would give him a popularity is undeniable, and new opportunities.

Of course, Allison Mack did not become the number 2 like this, there’s a whole journey. At the end of the weekend seminar, it is promised that Keith Raniere can help him in his career. And then she meets Barbara Bouchey, business woman and former girlfriend of Raniere, who left the sect in 2009. And it is from that moment on there is toggle. Bouchey has a hold undeniable on the young woman and introduced actually into the mysteries of the sect, and presents it to Ranière, who explains to him the operation of a pyramid of his organization.


Kristin Kreuk


It is then that it becomes an active element, trying to recruit the actors Beverly Mitchell, Kelly Clarkson and Emma Watson. In 2010, while she was having an affair with Raniere, she buys a house in New York to do one of the bases of the sect, which operated in the greatest secrecy, without the knowledge even of his entourage.

The bend is from the same year, when the series Smallville comes to an end. Allison Mack has fewer proposals of roles and therefore more time to devote to the sect. The successive deaths of two women high placed in the organization allow him to climb up the ladder and arriving at the head of the BACK section where it is said to have recruited not less than fifty women. It is there that the violence and the perversion burst really as it is portrayed as intimidating, cruel and punitive. A true dominatrix so that mark his initials and those of Ranière, the flesh of his victims before throwing them into a pasture for the guru, it is said, would have serious problems with erection. Raniere forbade them to shave or epilate and affamait to make them docile by not allowing that to ingest 900 calories per day, sometimes less. And, in addition to this, he assured them that they were connected to him through his seed.

It should, however, clarify that Allison Mack has a double role of executioner and victim in this story. She has recruited and tortured many women, but it also seems to be totally convinced of the validity of the sect, caught as the other of those disorders which have been able to play to his weaknesses psychological. This will not diminish the responsibility and the horror of what she has done during all this time and she will have to answer for his acts in several months. Allison Mack could face up to 15 years in prison.