Smartphones promote impulse purchases

Health 18 August, 2017


Published the 18.08.2017 at 16: 56


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The ends of the month are a little difficult ? Avoid the e-commerce site on your tablet or smartphone ! An experiment done at the university of British Columbia (Canada) showed that devices with touch screens are more favorable to shopping guilty as desktop computers.

With over two billion human beings connected by mobile, almost half of online purchases are now made via smartphone or tablet. The news is so important to consumers, but especially for e-commerce businesses.

“Touch technology has, in a short time, penetrated the market and is grafted in our daily life, says Ying Zhu, marketing specialist at the university of British Columbia, and lead author of the study. In the Face of this growth and the excitement rapid that it generates, we know strangely little of its effects on consumers. “

Pleasure VS reason

To learn how to react to the buyers, the researchers have set up a little experiment. It consisted of placing the students of their university in front of the touch devices, or desktop computers, and then to study their buying trends : property “hedonic” pleasure purchase like chocolates, or massages, or purchases that are reasonable, useful and practical, like a loaf of bread or a printer.

Fairly significantly, users tools touch point to the first. “The playfulness and fun of touch screens, is pushing the consumers towards the products, hedonic,” says Mr. Zhu. While the nature of logic and of the functionality of the desktop computer accompanied by the preference of buyers for the products that are useful. “

Resist to save

Once subjected to tests of thinking, a difference between the two groups is also apparent. The users of computers were for example better scores in the tests of rational reasoning.

“In general, we have learned that the use of a touch screen favored the thought experimental, which resonates with the nature playful products hedonic,” says Mr. Zhu. These results could well upset the industry of retail sales. “Or at least a few rules of marketing and advertising.

The board researcher for the consumer : if you want to save money, get rid of your phone when an urge to purchase unnecessary you takes. You would be more likely to succumb to it.