Smile, you’re in good health !

Health 7 October, 2017


Published the 07.10.2017 at 08: 00


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Charlie Chaplin said : “never forget to smile, because a day without smile is a day lost “. This Saturday, precisely, it’s the world smile Day. From there to think that the planet will display a face blissful on this day, there is probably a chasm. And yet ! The population of the world would be better if she smiled more. Because smiling is good for health. And it is science that says so.

Increase of the life expectancy

A study from the Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan), published in the journal Psychological Science, has recently shown that people who smile often live longer. On average, seven years of life expectancy would be gained, just by pressing his jaw and revealing her teeth, as often as possible !

In reaching this conclusion, the researchers are based on 230 photographs of players from the american league base-ball taken in 1952. The sports clichés have been classified into three categories : “no smile “, “smile partial” and ” big smile “. Result : the players of the first class died in an average 72.9 years, those of the second category in the 75 years and over, smiling to 79.9 years.