Snowpiercer : the series adapted from the film of Bong Joon-ho loses its director

Cinema 2 July, 2018






We never repeat it enough, but Snowpiercer is one of the best films of that genre these past few years, as well as one of the most important. So naturally, when we speak of the tv series which is adapted, it is a little worried about that.

Because it seems obvious that director Bong Joon-ho is the master of the work which has led to the overwhelming success of Snowpiercer it has been five years (due in part to his past as a protester in his student life), the prospect of a series adapted from his film without it being at the controls not comforted us much. And, even if he was at the controls.


A film, that it is very awesome


And if Scott Derrickson has known a glory huge thanks to Doctor Strange, one can clearly not say whether it is the filmmaker most committed to the environment and the fittest to convey the very pissed off of the original film. And yet, it is this bet that has made the network TNT ordering him last year for the series, which he has already shot the pilot.

A pilot that we are likely to see ever since the production has decided to hire a new showrunner Graeme Manson replacing Josh Friedman, who leads the series in a situation of crisis and has pushed Scott Derrickson towards the exit, as he himself comes from the to say on his Twitter account :

“The script of 72 pages written by Josh Friedman is the best thing I’ve ever read. The driver that I made is probably my best work. The new showrunner has a radically different view of the series. I have not filming the reshoots extreme.”


Blow cold on the series


And obviously, this replacement is not done in the most class that is since the first showrunner, Josh Friedman, has also used Twitter to express all the bitterness he felt in the face of this project :

“When you replace someone, or that we rewrite the work of another, the least you can do is to prevent the first person to a) understand the circumstances of his departure and b) to thank him for the work he has done and how you are going to enjoy.”

Apparently, the class was not the order of the day on the set Snowpiercer. If the series is still scheduled, with another team, the driver shot by Derrickson should remain in the cartons as stated on Twitter when a user was impatient to see it. A simple “You don’t see” was enough to calm his anger. Unless someone is able to make it leak on the net, we do not see, therefore, probably never will. Sadness.