Sofia Richie: Her new tattoo … in tribute to her father Lionel Richie!

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

The year 2017 is under the sign of the family for Sofia Richie.
New year, new tattoos! While in 2017 just beginning, Sofia Richie wasted no time to run to his favorite tattoo artist, Jonboy . The artist specializing in small tattoos has inked three new designs under the skin of the 18-year-old teenager who wished to pay tribute to her family. The daughter of the famous singer Lionel Richie and his second wife, the fashion designer Alexander Diana Richie, opted for a new tattoo shaped “L”, the first letter of the first name of her father, she has a tattoo on her ankle .
The young socialite also tattooed on one of his fingers initial of the first name of his older brother, Miles Brockman Richie before to register the word ” Clarity ” in the neck. Very proud of the result, she posted several photos on social networks as well as a snapshot of the tattoo artist, whom she already has her first tattoo .
The master of the New York needle is not the first celebrity since he has tattooed Justin Bieber , Kendall Jenner and her sister Kylie or bomb Hailey Baldwin. Just a few months ago, Sofia Richie asked him to draw a small cross in the finger level, as her ex-boyfriend Justin who is the ink was made on the face .
The little sister of Nicole Richie is pretty well surrounded his debut in show business. The young model can especially count on the support of the former best friend of his sister, the heiress Paris Hilton , with whom she is regularly photographed .
” This is my closest friend in the middle. It’s really great to have him at my side, she’s like my sister, she has been through it all. It always gives me great advice and wants that it is better for me. she can see the way that I take and watching over me, she told me that it is that I avoid, and what to do to be the best version of myself , “he -t she told the magazine Wonderland last month.
Sofia Richie is however much less commendation regarding her big sister 35 years , married to Joel Madden and mother of two. ” She used to take me to the carnival, that kind of stuff ,” she evaded. Obviously, there is no Paris Hilton with the star of The Simple Life is angry.