Sofia Vergara: Their frozen embryos or her ex? Nick Loeb must choose …

Entertainment 16 November, 2016

The war is still raging between Sofia and Nick around their embryos.
archives-sofia-vergara-et-son-fianceThis is not because we do not hear talk it happens nothing, quite the contrary. The conflict between the actress Sofia Vergara at her ex-fiance Nick Loeb , about their frozen embryos, took a dramatic turn.
According to information from the Page Six of the New York Post , the actress of 44 years has asked her ex to reveal the names of his former companions who chose to abort back nearly twenty years. Horrified, the businessman of 41 years refused and appealed the decision. Unfortunately for him, the Court of Appeal agreed with Sofia Vergara.
A bombshell that may seem surprising, but not completely trivial. Nick Loeb – who absolutely wants to bring to a conclusion the embryos frozen it with his ex at the time of their engagement, and although it has since married another – had complained that two of his former have decided to abort without her consent. ” When I was 20, one of my girlfriends had an abortion and I had no control. Since then, I keep dreaming boy that I could have ,” he confided to New York Times , adding that another of her friends were also terminated her pregnancy when he was 19 years old.
We must protect the privacy of these women
Years later, Sofia Vergara armada of lawyers wants to interview to find out what really happened. ” I’d rather go to jail than reveal their names. We must protect the privacy of these women ,” defended Nick Loeb who fears they are vilified by the public because of the media coverage of the case. ” Mme. Vergara wants to harass and involve a third party, which has nothing to do with their relationship, to obtain their affidavit ,” said his lawyer.
Recall that the businessman has promised to raise the dependent children if Sofia Vergara agrees to a surrogate mother for gestation for both embryos they have left . The star of The Modern Family , who married Joe Manganiello second wife , assures the contrary a ” child needs a parent as much as the love of her parents who do not hate the one and the other “. The busty brunette, mom a big boy of 24 years , would probably prefer to give her love to a child born of his current marriage .