Somewhere Between: Everything You Need to Know About THE Summer Series!

Cinema 12 July, 2017

Somewhere Between, the new series ABC will be released from July 24th. While waiting for the Season Premiere, you are told all you need to know about the show!

Apart from the long-awaited comeback of Game of Thrones, there are always a few fewer series to watch during the summer. This is a great opportunity to embark on a new show! Today, we propose you to discover the series Somewhere Between whose first season will be broadcast on ABC from July 24, what to occupy your warm summer evenings! The editor of melty had the chance to meet the actress Paula Patton, the interpreter of the main character of Somewhere Between, at the Monte Carlo 2017 Festival. While waiting to discover our exclusive interview, you are told all about the new series Of the summer!
A mysterious family drama

Somewhere Between is a thriller, a suspense drama that will energize our summer! Laura Price (Paula Patton) seems to have everything – a successful career as a producer in San Francisco, a powerful but sensitive husband who serves as city attorney and an 8-year-old girl – but Laura Price lives in terror. She knows that her daughter is going to be assassinated by a serial killer whose identity she does not know. Not being able to save her, this mother has the opportunity to go back a week to try to prevent this murder. Will she succeed in changing her destiny?
An upscale cast!

You’ve recognized it, J.R Bourne, the interpreter of Chris Silver in Teen Wolf, is part of the cast of Somewhere Between! The fans will be happy to find him in this new show where he will play Laura Price’s husband. This one will be interpreted by Paula Patton, notably recognized for its roles in Precious, Mission Impossible or in Warcraft! We will also find Devon Sawa (Nikita) and Serge Houde (iZombie).
Official photos

Somewhere Between will be the American adaptation of the successful Korean series, God’s Gift – 14 Days. The ABC channel has ordered it for a first season of 10 episodes in total. Being a limited series, Somewhere Between should not exceed one season unless it makes a cardboard and pushes the chain to push the plot further. We look forward to this summer mini series! Between the drama, the thriller and a supernatural twist, we should soon be transported by this show, not to mention the high-flying cast! Verdict on July 24!