Sophia Bush “traumatized” by her divorce from Chad Michael Murray: She tells

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

The actress confided for the first time on their break, against a backdrop of adultery.
Ten years after his divorce ultramédiatisé, the lovely Sophia Bush has finally broken the silence on his explosive rupture with Chad Michael Murray . The former couple met on the set of the series One Tree Hill , before becoming engaged in May 2004. The following year, the interpreters of Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott convolaient the knot before … Separate five months later! A marriage cut short by infidelity assumed the hunk , who would have cheated with the rich heiress Paris Hilton on the set of House of Wax .
A betrayal Sophia Bush struggled to recover if one believes the open letter she wrote to the magazine’s website Cosmopolitan . “When my acting career started, I was 20 and I was not trying to be a couple, but there was one who came to look for me and things became serious, even if I had not . intended to set me before my 30th birthday but when the person you are dating you asked to marry her, you think: ‘Without doubt this is the way things must change “, has she started.
Unfortunately, nothing happened as she hoped. ” I have always refused to let the couple relationship define me, so I did my best to avoid the subject for ten years. In truth, it was a very serious event in my life. The trauma was even stronger that it was public, which is frankly weird for a girl who was a student lambda twenty-four months earlier, before his life is shattered , “has -she adds.
Although not named directly, the actress of 34 years makes clear reference to Chad Michael Murray, now aged 35 and re-married to actress Sarah Roemer , with whom he had two children . Many years later, Sophia Bush, who then attended her stage partners James Lafferty and Jesse Lee Soffer, claims to have now understood that every relationship has a specific purpose and must learn from its experiences ” get to know and love . ” For before loving the other, it is necessary to love oneself.