Sophie Marceau blew his candles and sharing on Instagram

Entertainment 18 November, 2016

Thursday, Sophie Marceau celebrated 50 years. A decisive course that the actress seems to have passed without asking too many questions as it has meant in a photo she shared on Instagram.

sophie-marceau-ouvNever easy to get through the fifties. A symbolic date, a passage that switches each of the other side of his life, in a second part which is known to be the last. Some evil live. Others do not care. Sophie Marceau rather belongs to the second category. Thursday she has indeed celebrated 50 years and this anniversary has apparently he rejoiced.
On a photo posted on Instagram, Sophie Marceau has indeed held to signify his many admirers she passed the course with confidence. Next to a red ribbon gift package, we see the tealights placed on a white background and drawing the figure 50. the whole is dotted with red spots like wax candles exploded when still attractive actress has blown them. Commenting, Sophie Marceau wrote: ” It’s blown, it’s go again, it’s great! “, Accompanied by a smiley four leaf clover as if to signify that she is well aware of lucky she has in life.
A 50-year anniversary very 2.0 since, besides this photo shared on Instagram, all messages regarding the event and posted Thursday on social networks were “Likes” by Cyril Lignac , the man who shares the life of the sexy fifties .