Sophie Marceau would refuse to give Cyril Lignac a second chance

Entertainment 6 January, 2017

Sophie Marceau and Cyril Lignac have definitely put an end to their love story. He tried to reconquer her, she rejected him. Here reveals the details of their break in the edition published on Friday 6th December.

It’s really finished between Sophie Marceau and Cyril Lignac. Since their breakup in November, he desperately tried to pick up the pieces. In vain. Sophie Marceau refused to return to her painful decision.
“I’m radical. With some, it was completed overnight, ” explained the actress in Marie Claire recently. His idyll with Cyril Lignac, formalized in July 2016, lasted ten months. If according Here, the 39 year old chef tried to give new life to their love story, Sophie Marceau preferred to move forward. “I don ‘t like the past, even the closest, she confided yet Psychologies . The finished thing is depressing, the thing to do is welcoming. ”
Small mine, silhouette skinny … The actress seems very affected by the separation on the photographs published for the magazine.
To forget her sadness, she resorts to her family and friends. She spent the holidays at the end of the year with her children, Vincent, 21, and Juliette, 14, in Chamonix. At the very place where she had a romantic stay with Cyril Lignac, a year earlier.