Soulja Boy in clash with Chris Brown, he unveils a title assassin

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

The clash Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy continues: the latter has just attacked Breezy in a new title assassin: “Stop Playing With Me”.
Party like a silly story about Instagram, the clash between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown is not ready to finish … After the insults and threats (including a combat muscular boxing to predict) that have blended between the two rappers on social networks, now Soulja Boy has just spoken through music . Determined not to let his rival take the game, the interpreter of the tube “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” just published its first “diss track” against Chris Brown. But it was not enough to belittle the ex of Rihanna since Mike Tyson, 50 Cent and Quavo also take for their grade! We suggest you listen immediately “Stop Playing With Me” .
“Mike Tyson, Chris Brown, knock out his teeth / Boy stop playing with me / Imma spend 50 (skrrt) / I hop in a Lambo, escape (skrrt)” , Soulja Boy is definitely not there to make friends … We imagine that Chris Brown and his band are not going to let themselves do! All this reminds us of another clash of the moment: that of Booba vs Patrice Quarteron which has grown enormously in France but that seems to finally come to an end since the rapper decided to ignore his opponent … We’re waiting for reprisals Breezy and especially the next one Heartbreak album Full Moon which must be created in 2017 . Team Soulja or team Breezy?