Spider-Man Homecoming: 5 Easter Eggs Unexpected Movie!

Cinema 17 July, 2017

Side Easter Eggs and references to other films, Spider-Man: Homecoming is strong! Here is a small list, necessarily exhaustive, of 5 of the most surprising of them.

Obviously, as an MCU movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming is full of references and winks to other superheroes and the stories that preceded it. Whether it is the mention of the New York incident and the appearance of Tony Stark’s Damage Control, Cap ‘tasty caméos or the discreet presence of some of Spider-Man’s villains, there are for all tastes. But better still, Spider-Man: Homecoming is pleased with references to other films around the Tisseur or to completely different cinematographic franchises like Star Wars (obviously) and Star Trek. And then, there are those Easter Eggs that we discover with surprise and that have enough to please the fans of comics as movies. The editing of melty has thus established a small list of 5 of them, of the kind unexpected or exciting!

“Kiss her, Peter!”
This scene, if you’ve seen all the Spider-Man movies, certainly reminded you of fond memories! While he has just saved his high school comrades from the fall of the elevator in the Washington Monument, Spidey finds himself hanging upside down and exchanges a long look with Liz (Laura Harrier). And that’s where Karen, the AI ​​voice of her costume, swings to our Peter: “Kiss her!”. This is an incredible nod to this iconic scene of the very first Spider-Man in which the incarnated superhero Tobey Maguire shares a kiss with Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst). Except that, of course, in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the fall of the scene ends … by a fall precisely!

Aaron Davis
So yes, that one, it had not necessarily seen it coming! The role of Donald Glover remained very vague throughout the promotion of the film. But it was to take us by surprise by revealing to us that he plays other than Aaron Davis, aka the Rover! And if, in itself, the appearance of this villain, who is content for the moment to be in search of extraterrestrial weapons, represents a nice nod to the fans of the Weaver, its appearance also has an interesting meaning . Because in the comics, Aaron Davis is in fact the uncle of … Miles Morales, the other Spidey who donned the costume after Peter Parker! And the character of Donal Glover speaks well, in the film, of his nephew. So yes, as we suspected, Miles Morales exists in the world of Spider-Man: Homecoming!

Photos of scientists from the Marvel universe
This reference, to locate it, one must have the eye! It is actually a small Easter Egg that takes the form of portraits of the greatest scientists in the world, present on the walls of Peter’s high school. Among these personalities, of course are the faces of Albert Einstein but also those of … Howard Stark and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo)! So here are two little “caméos” that are enjoyable to see. In reality, the presence of these portraits in Peter’s High School can be explained very easily, as this one is part of STEM schools, which devote themselves massively to the study of sciences. This also justifies the technological know-how of our hero and his comrades.

The main Morita
So yes, it’s true, the main Morita does not have a very big role, the character often content to make some remonstrances to Peter Parker. Yet his face must have seemed familiar to you. For you can imagine that he is incarnated by Kenneth Choi, who already lent his features to the soldier Jim Morita in the very first Captain America. And no, the fact that the two characters share the same surname is not a coincidence! The main Morita is indeed the descendant of the companion of Steve Rogers, freed from the prisons of Hydra during the Second World War. Like what, even within the MCU, the world is small.

Spider-Man under the rubble
Fighting a super-villain as cunning as well-equipped is complicated. And Peter has the opportunity to realize it in Spider-Man: Homecoming when he finds himself suddenly stuck under a ton of rubble, after the Vulture has collapsed the ceiling of the hangar in which they were. After a few minutes of panic and introspection, our Weaver unites all his strength and all his will to raise the debris and free himself. It should be noted that this scene is taken directly from the iconic pages of the comics, and more particularly the number 33 of “The Amazing Spider-Man”. In this chapter of his adventures, Spidey finds himself in fact crushed by rubble from which he reaches, at the cost of an immense effort, to extricate himself. And of course take advantage of it to deliver a little speech on the fact that we must never give up, even in the face of the worst obstacles!