Spider-Man Homecoming: A romance between Tony Stark and Tante May?

Cinema 4 April, 2017

Can Tony Stark find the love in Spider-Man Homecoming with the aunt of our young superhero?
The heart of Tony Stark is it to take? Spider-Man Homecoming will be released in theaters next July and if Peter Parker’s loves will be treated in Jon Watts’ film , another superhero could also find a shoulder to lean on. That certainly did not escape you in Captain America Civil War , Tony Stark did not fail to compliment Peter’s aunt who, it must be confessed, is different from the aunts May seen so far in the Spider-Man franchise. Would Tony be under the spell? Unfortunately for those who hoped, their relationship will be confined to compliments and it was Tom Holland himself who confirmed that the two characters would not be romantically linked.
Too bad, it is a couple we would have liked to see, but it was recently announced that Pepper Potts could be back in Spider-Man Homecoming so we would have gone for a love triangle which is not frankly the subject of movie. And then we like Tony and Pepper together so we want to see them happy again! In addition it is a film about Spider-Man not on Iron Man so it is hoped that the latter will not fly the spotlight to our young superhero!