Spider-Man Homecoming: A WTF trailer packed with references to superheroes!

Cinema 3 February, 2017

YouTubeurs have talent! Aldo Jones unveiled his trailer of Spider-Man Homecoming full of references to superheroes!
Aldo Jones, YouTubeur Italian used to remix trailers, has just put his latest work online. And the least we can say is that it is special! With this new installation Spider-Man Homecoming, in which the technology will be very present , references are multiple and fans will probably laugh a lot. For starters, the YouTubeur replaced every scene with the vulture by … Batman ! Logic when it is known that Michael Keaton – who epitomizes the big villain of the film – also played the black knight. Tom Holland also crosses the road to Andrew Garfield and Tobey McGuire, two actors who embodied the Weaver.
But the most WTF moment remains when Peter Parker looks at Margot Robbie videos undress and … Harley Quinn comes the yell ! One wonders where Aldo Jones is going to get all that inspiration for his video. Of course, you will not escape the jokes around fart who always laugh sheepishly and ask at what level our mental age. This trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming, which will bring a significant change to a character in comics is a little success and much fun for fans of Weaver. This is certainly the best way to wait for the next adventures of Spider-Man in July 2017. What do you think?