Spider-Man Homecoming: How the film is very different from the previous ones according to Tom Holland

Cinema 3 June, 2017

If the Spider-Man Spidey: Homecoming is very different from these previous versions, it’s not just because of his age, as Tom Holland demonstrates!
It’s true, as has been said, was repeated. As soon as Spider-Man returned to the Marvel stables, the studios was quick to clarify their position. Yes, their spider-man would be very different from those interpreted by Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield in the sense that he would be much younger. Kind of going to high school, rather than university. But that’s not the only difference, obviously. Because it is necessary to forget a small detail that has nevertheless its importance: the Spideys of Sony did not belong to the MCU and therefore never crossed the way of Cap, Iron Man and the other Avengers . And that, believe it, melty, it changes a lot of things! Because, in addition to allowing Captain America to make a cameo in Spider-Man: Homecoming , It has a major impact on our weaver, on the way he must perceive himself and … on his final goals. And this is precisely what, for Tom Holland , makes it possible to differentiate in large part his incarnation of the character from those of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.
The young actor said: ” I now think that the difference lies in the fact that Peter Parker now has a definite goal, and this goal is to become an Avenger.” Everything he does, He does it for the right reasons, he does so in order to be able to one day become an Avenger and prove what it is worth to Tony Stark. And I think we have never seen Spider-Man have this kind Of motivation before. “. So it must be believed that even though he took a few shots during his short participation in the Avengers fight against the Avengers in Civil War , Peter Parker very much wanted to join the group. And save the world by their side. This would explain why he puts his life in danger to protect those of others, At the risk of going back to Tony Stark in Spider-Man: Homecoming . Well, we know that Spidey will eventually join the ranks of the team. But in the meantime, it is true that it still has to prove itself . Come on, July 12 will be here soon and we will then be able to verify more fully what is worth this new incarnation of Spidey! Are you eager to see the film?