Spider-Man Homecoming: Miles Morales exists in the same universe

Cinema 27 June, 2017

Very good news for the fans of comics, Miles Morales exists in the cinema universe Marvel.
In spite of the complete casting of Spider-Man Homecoming and all its info is much talk about it. In particular, Donald Glover’s role, which clearly indicates that Miles Morales exists in the same universe as Peter Parker, since he will be the uncle of the second Spider-Man. And some did not wait long before asking Kevin Feige the importance that the presence of the Prowler has in Homecoming. “All these little things are easter eggs for the fans, until they become more than that. But what happens in comics is a potential material for us, ” explained the big boss of the Marvel studios.
The role of Donald Glover exists above all to please the fans, although we know very well that multitudes of seeds are posed and that it will be up to Sony and Marvel to exploit them in the future, and it is Exactly what Feige hinted. “In the meantime, I think Miles has a big animation project from Sony. But where we go … we mean that “He is there. He is somewhere. ” Just as Deadpool will have his animated series (by Donald Glover precisely), Miles Morales will also be entitled to his small project, although we do not know much about it yet.