Spider-Man Homecoming: Peter Parker gets his life in a new trailer!

Cinema 24 May, 2017

The new trailer of Spider-Man Homecoming has just been unveiled and we share it with you!
More than a few weeks before finally discovering the new solo adventures of Spider-Man at the cinema. Tom Holland will be the new spider man and we had a good look at his performance in Captain America Civil War released in 2016 and it was pretty good ! We will meet him next July and next to him, his band of friends, Iron Man and the villain he will have to face, Vulture! In this new trailer unveiled today, few new images but that is much better because the previous trailers have already revealed a lot and we want to keep a few surprises for the day-d.
We found out that Peter did not miss a crumb of his first encounter with the Avengers and even made a video! Decidedly, this new Spidey is a youngster like us, except that he has a cool suit, that he knows the Avengers and that he will have to save his city from enemies well motivated to destroy everything! While waiting for the release, you are offered to discover the timeline of Spider-Man Homecoming story that you are well prepared! What do you think of this new trailer?