Spider-Man Homecoming: The beginning of a new arc after Kevin Feige

Cinema 7 July, 2017

Good news for fans of the Weaver. According to Kevin Feige, Marvel Studio’s big boss, Spider-Man Homecoming will be the beginning of a new arc. Arc composed of several superhero movies!

The next adventures of the Weaver arrive. By the way, Melty had even received live actors of Spider-Man Homecoming including Zendaya and Tom Holland! However, this first section under the leadership of the MCU is only the beginning of a new arc if we believe Kevin Feige. As a reminder, Kevin Feige is the big boss of Marvel Studio. It is to him that fans of comics have the adaptations that abound on our screens in recent years. In an interview with the Toronto Sun, the producer revealed a great deal about the future of cinema in his enormous super-heroic empire.

Kevin Feige said, “We are planning an arch with 5 films: Civil War, Homecoming, Avengers 3, 4 and Homecoming 2. It’s a fantastic five-act story for Peter Parker. Introducing Homecoming and his mind state while he must return to school and continue his schooling during Avengers 3 and 4. Avengers 4 will sign the end of a narrative arc on 22 films and later Peter Parker / Spider -Man will have the task of restarting the MCU on new bases. “. After these revelations, no doubt that Spider-Man will be very important in the cinema for the MCU. In the meantime, you will be able to discover Spider-Man Homecoming and its first good reviews.