Spider-Man Homecoming: The costume upgrades unveiled in video!

Cinema 6 January, 2017

The Wingsuit is full of new features and to our delight, they are all revealed in video.

We were promised an impressive costume, and for the little we have seen in the trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming , we can say it did not disappoint us. Iron Man has been there and gave him some improvements, like its wings canvas , so that now allow Spider-Man to fly! A big evolution compared to the previous men-spiders! But it is not the only one. Iron Man, engineer in his lost hours when not busy saving the planet from wholesale to aliens or crazy robots, obviously could not help but add a multitude of new features very practical and Very stylish at the costume of his new little protégé and guess what? Tom Holland shared a video on his Instagram account that presents them all in detail! And they send heavy. After that, you will have only one desire, that the time accelerates until the release of the film, next July.

A short video, but who has time to unveil new paintings launchers Spider-Man! On the program: different types of canvas selectable and a laser targeting system, so that our spider-man never misses his target! Tony Stark also added a GPS tracking system on the forearm of Spidey, thus enabling it to follow its targets throughout the city, as well as a display of holographic wrist , probably to better communicate with Tony when they Are not flying side by side as in the trailer. That promises and is not too much for our young hero. Faced with the dreaded Vulture, he will indeed need it. And who knows, maybe at the end of the movie, Tony Stark will bring him the much-anticipated Iron Spider. Tom Holland has already tried the mask, and he was rather conquered! And you what do you think ?