Spider-Man Homecoming: The first 4 minutes of the film unveiled

Cinema 4 July, 2017

A week before the long awaited release of Spider-Man Homecoming, the first 4 minutes of the film have just been unveiled. To the delight of the fans. But beware, spoilers!

It only takes a few days to wait before discovering on the big screen the new adventures of the spider-man. While the whole team of Spider-Man Homecoming was live on melty just a few days ago, the film is revealed every day a little more … But today, the blockbuster promo has moved to a stage superior. Exit the exclusive photos or the confidences of the actors … Marvel unveiled today the first 4 minutes of the film. Yes, you read correctly ! So, be careful, big risk of spoilers! At the beginning of this video, we can discover our very dear Peter Parker, with his camera in his hand, filming his way to the airport of Captain America Civil War like a vlog. Once there, he discovers for the first time his ultra high tech costume fashioned by Tony Stark, his own driver in the sequence. And the least we can say is that this costume makes him happy!

Then, after a little more than 2 minutes, we can finally see Spider-Man and Iron Man side by side, recording a message for the young man’s aunt. Peter Parker’s new mentor explains how proud he is. All this will end in a “false hug” between the two superheroes! This 4-minute show allows fans to get a first impression of the relationship between Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr, and his new protégé, Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland. After seeing this video, we have only one desire: that the days pass very quickly until July 12! In the meantime, we can always read the first reviews of Spider-Man Homecoming to make a (other) first idea!